Artistic Operations, Inc



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why should I choose Artistic Operations?
Businesses all across the globe choose Artistic Operations because we are dependable, courteous, knowledgeable and our staff members are of the worlds trend setters in the fields of Advertising, Marketing, Pro Audio/Video. The product(s) we produce are not only remarkable, and unique in design but stand when others fall hard to the pavement. Success is right here with Artistic Operations, because your success is the lift we need to succeed!

2. What's your turn around time?
Orders ship between 2-5 business days. However, express or overnight shipping is available upon request. Should you require immediate assistance please contact us today.

2. Where are you located?
We are located in Houston, Texas, United States of America. Our range of service includes national and international shipping.

3. Why isn't my file(s) uploading?
We recommend you upload files which are less than 50mbs, non-layered (Flattened) and 300dpi (resolution). We do accept JPG, PNG, TIF, AI or PSD files. If your files are to large try LZW compression. In the event that uploading does not work for any reason you may email your files to (Subject: FILE UPLOAD) only after you have ordered your product(s) online at our website and have received a confirmation of your order.

4. Do you supply templates?
Yes! Templates are available upon request. Contact us today and we will get them right out to you at once!

5. What If I do not like the graphic design and I have already paid for the service?
We have a 99.99% success rate and intend to make certain that you (or your company) are pleased with our production. You may receive a partial refund if you do not approve the draft(s) you will receive. Our labor expenses must be covered.

6. How will you send the drafts?
All drafts are sent via email to our clients for approval. As soon as you made your full payment and have approved the draft(s) your order will be processed.

7. I received a draft but there is a watermark on it, will the design I pay for have a watermark on it as well?
Not at all. We protect our investment with watermarks. However once you have paid in full and have approved the draft(s) in writing your finished product will be sent to you with the watermark removed completely.

8. Do you ship to international regions?
We can ship anywhere in the world which is reachable by courier upon your request. Additional fees may apply.