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A professionally designed book cover is what all writers and publishers desire to aid in the promotion and sales of their product. A good cover can make the difference between going national or remaining locally significant.
Our marketing and design specialist await you, and are eager to serve your needs by helping you make a forwarding impression with your book cover. Once you complete your order today, one of our representatives will contact you regarding your book design, to discuss with you the particulars (Design, Advertising, Marketing, and other options).

What you will receive after you approve the draft work which we promptly provide to you are the following.

1. 1 large Full Color, JPG file, 300 DPI (High Resolution)
2. 1 large Full Color, PDF file, 300 DPI (High Resolution)
3. 1 small Full Color, PNG file (for web use).
4. 1 small Full Color, JPG file (for web use).
5. 1 small Full Color, PNG file (for web use).
6. 1 small Full Color, PNG file (for web use).

Most jobs are completed within 2-7 business days or a reasonable frame of time.

Images we use are royalty free. Should you provide any images be sure that you bare the rights to use them as Artistic Operations is not responsible for any misuse of any images. We do not accept files which contain nudity, or harmful language.

After making your payment, and if you wish please send your high resolution images and any other particulars or request to:

File info: PNG Files are commonly utilized for transparency applications, whereas the background is colorless and lucid. Small files are typically used for websites, or social media (Facebook, Twitter) marketing campaigns, while large files (300 DPI) are utilized for Print Ads, Trade Show Displays, and or Outdoor Ad productions (Example: Billboards).

Note: This is a one side cover only purchase. Should you require a front and back cover design (2 sides) you must order 2 of these packages, one for each side. All sides, (spindle, front, and back), or cover to cover illustration work is also available upon request. Contact us for more information

Customer Service: 866-986-9333

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! See samples of our works

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